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Nice, good luck on whatever route you decide to take.

I was thinking of going into a field of that sort for a while, but realized its really not for me.

Best of luck to you.

Yea, summer school sucks. But srsly share me some tips about how not to get a ticket. B/c i got a huge drive here coming up in 4/5days.

Basically don't drive 15 over the speed limit. That's what most cops look for when trying to get speeding tickets. Of course all other road rules apply. Use your turn signal, keep your eyes on the road etc etc.

Sometimes if you go over 10mph in Texas you get ticked anyway and PATRIOT ACT Bill sucks im already losing my 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment here. (Terrorism and other bullsh*t loop way laws). It sucks. :/ Also, hows the alternative story coming along?

What alternative story? I swear you're making stuff up now.

Hope your head heals up soon man.

Thanks man.

I want more pictures of your head boo-boo.

For masturbation purposes.

Inner working of the police? Like how they'll let shit go just because they don't want to deal with the paper work?

Oh yeah. They do that quite a bit. I was with officers that let people with expired registrations go. Another time we found a girl who had a bowl with weed in it, and the officer just said he would take it to the evidence office at the station to be destroyed instead of mentioning it at all in the report, and on traffic violations, if it wasn't serious then the driver always got a warning. And I know the police are supposed to be all about integrity, but some of them can be really shady in how they do things. I'd provide details, but you probably get what I'm talking about.

So give me some of these speeding ticket tips. I've only been pulled over twice for speeding, once when I was like 17 so there was no way out of it, I was a teenager so I was fucked and got nailed with like a $90 ticket, the second time was much more recently, about 4 months ago. I was with my girlfriend and we just went and got some McDonalds at like 1 am, and I was about 2 blocks away from my house going 40mph in a 30, and for once I was actually unaware I was speeding. So when he came up and told him, "You know you were going 40?" I was just like "Naw, I really had no idea, I just wasn't really thinking at all. I was talking to my girlfriend and I guess it just slipped my mind how fast I was going." He went back to his car, came back and just gave me a little warning ticket thing.

Maybe he noticed I was genuinely unaware of how fast I was going, or because I had a girl in the car with me, or maybe because I'm an adult now and it's easier to get out of something with the law. Anyways, WHAT TIPS CAN YOU PROVIDE ME DAWG?

Like I've mentioned before, cops rarely stop people for speeding unless its 15mph over the limit. That's probably why you got a warning instead of a ticket actually because from what I heard while I was at the station, a cop that gives tickets for 10 over is rare and looked down upon by other cops for doing that. He probably just gave you a warning to help you remember to drive slower down that particular stretch of road.

It also helps to know what areas of your town where the cops constantly monitor traffic. I'm sure you know of a few spots already, but just being aware around those areas and being careful in them is a big part of not getting a traffic ticket. Other than that, do your best to just follow the signs and rules of the road like you normally do. And if you get pulled over, just be respectful. It might not help your chance of getting out of a ticket depending on what you've done, but it can't hurt either if you know what I mean.

Hooray I guess.

so no more illegal DLs?

Pleading the 5th on that one. >.> <.<