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I did not know that the picture of Solid Shark you drew at Wizard Con would actually be taken to the next level in a flash. An interesting twist indeed and I know you give fair warning on the nautical jokes, but it got to be too much.

Otherwise, it was good use of the current voicework in MGA and the new voicework was put in well. Your art fits the Awesome series style so no problems there, and the only thing I would suggest is to keep working on the animation side of things. Humor made up for it in this case, but keep working at it.

Also good use of Clunge.

I love fishsticks!

Even though it's a slideshow of pictures, it more than makes up for it's lack of animation with great use of referencing the audio to the pictures. I laughed out loud a few times as I watched this and I encourage you to continue making works that entertain as much as this. Good job.

TheJamoke responds:


Very funny.

Even though it's stick figures the content of the flash itself overshadows it. Hell the stick figures don't look half bad. You have a good sense of how to use humor, and the finale was one of the best bursts in a flash I've seen.

Great job.

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The first real game to come out of the situation and you made it a good one.

The control of it was a bit weird at first, but once you get used to entering and exiting rooms, it becomes a non issue.

The music choices were very good and the loop used through most of it was surprisingly catchy.

The descriptions you put on the objects made me laugh a few times so you get bonus points for that.

And your unique artistic style from the sideways faces to the wavy arms made the game even better imo.

Great job.


Little do I review anything on NG but this submission was a special exception.

It was without a doubt a great game. Very well done in the graphics given. The amount of activities was expansive yet it didn't feel like it was way too much. The controls and functions are easy to learn and use and are very agreeable to work with throughout the game. And most of all, the game is just downright fun. I lost track of time while playing and soon found myself seeing how addictive it was.

I didn't encounter any of the errors you mention but work to fix those. Otherwise you made a near perfect game. A huge job well done.


Its waaay too hard to complete a mission before the conscious quits. Good concept but it'd be better if the attention or anger bars were longer

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Its like something out of my nightmares, that is if my nightmares were sexy.


I know i've heard this song somewhere before. Did you use a part from another song, or maybe you played it for us in Paltalk?

Anyways, its a decent loop.


This was awesome to listen to. Gets your head bobbing. Keep it up.

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Instant recognition

Saw this on the front page and instantly knew who it was. Very nice portrait.

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