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I did not know that the picture of Solid Shark you drew at Wizard Con would actually be taken to the next level in a flash. An interesting twist indeed and I know you give fair warning on the nautical jokes, but it got to be too much.

Otherwise, it was good use of the current voicework in MGA and the new voicework was put in well. Your art fits the Awesome series style so no problems there, and the only thing I would suggest is to keep working on the animation side of things. Humor made up for it in this case, but keep working at it.

Also good use of Clunge.

I love fishsticks!

Even though it's a slideshow of pictures, it more than makes up for it's lack of animation with great use of referencing the audio to the pictures. I laughed out loud a few times as I watched this and I encourage you to continue making works that entertain as much as this. Good job.

TheJamoke responds:


Very funny.

Even though it's stick figures the content of the flash itself overshadows it. Hell the stick figures don't look half bad. You have a good sense of how to use humor, and the finale was one of the best bursts in a flash I've seen.

Great job.


Decent animation style and a funny concept.

If only

I wish stuff like that happened in the game. Not enough can be said about Seth's cheapness in that final boss fight.

Nice job Will. Make some more SF4 related flash while you're playing it.

What the bitch!?

Ornery you Zelda Ocarina of Time playing fool! and Jamoke you hump catting mofo. I've truly seen the work of God in this flash. It is not every day I'm privileged to see such a spectacle.


From the simplistic but effective art styles to the humor and animation, this flash was great across the board. Your trademark humor came through for me again as I watched this and found myself laughing at it. Not only that but it raised an interesting perspective on the holiday season in general. I award you a favorable rating with the hopes you will continue to make more.

Originally you got an 8 but then after the terrorist baby cameo, that alone bumps it up another star, so you sir get a 9.

Good stuff

Once again top notch stuff Steve. It was funny, good voice work, and most importantly sexy. I wonder what goes on in your head sometimes to come up with these ideas.


A decent short concerning the Metal Gear series. The content was decent, and the animation/art was really good. Nice job.


The animation was the main weakness of the flash, but the content was very good. I like the humor you used, and I was laughing through most of the flash. Work on improving the animation, but keep the same style of humor. Overall, nice job.

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